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Get Better Leads, Not Just More Leads

More than SEO Consultants: Internet Strategy Advisors

If you’re looking for an SEO consultant to improve your Google rankings, you’re looking for better business leads. That’s why we do more than just SEO. Search engine optimization is only part of how we can help with your internet marketing and lead generation efforts.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Plus User Experience

Don’t be tempted by the telemarketing SEO company selling you cheap SEO packages without explaining how they’ll accomplish your goals, or reporting on results regularly. SEO is hard work and requires a solid strategy.

A “White Hat” SEO Firm in Connecticut

adwords large logoMany search engine optimization firms make it sound like there’s some simple, secret way to get to the top of Google searches. The methods they may use (called “black hat” methods) can actually harm your website’s performance over the long haul, so caveat emptor – buyer beware! ¬†We follow best practices as defined by Google (not some “secret” formula), to give your website its best chance of appearing in the right search engine results.

Improve Your Marketing Funnel

Good marketing isn’t only about improving your search engine results on Google. It’s also about keeping visitors engaged with your website once they get there, and moving them along in your lead funnel. We want you to get more of the right leads, not just more leads. And we want those leads to turn into long-term customers for your business. That’s when we know we’ve done our job well!

What Does SEO Cost?

Typically, we charge $200/page for SEO improvement recommendations. Usually our fees pay for themselves in short order. Just think about how much your business will generate with one new lifetime customer. Then you start to realize how important your website’s performance can be, and what a wise investment proper SEO is.

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