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We Have Experience as Director of Marketing for Dual Licensee Station

Leslie Silverman served for five years as Director of Marketing for Connecticut’s statewide dual licensee station, serving one million people monthly across 44 digital, television, and radio properties. She offers stations extensive digital marketing, branding and traditional marketing experience in public media. This includes:

  • generating audience growth
  • launching and promoting new programming (on air and online)
  • providing extensive tactical marketing and creative support
  • working across membership, sponsorship and leadership giving 

Leslie is very familiar with the PBS and NPR content schedules and the networks’ communications hubs like PBS Source and NPR Studio, as well as the guidelines that govern non-commercial sponsorships, underwriting and promotions.

Dedicated to Advancing Public Media's Mission

Leslie understands the public media ecosystem, and knows how to contribute knowledge and experience from outside the system to benefit stations.

She brings extensive experience in addressing the marketing challenges of B2B and B2C businesses in sectors including management consulting, professional services, financial services, and healthcare.

Leslie is personally dedicated to the overarching mission of public media, and values the impact it has had on our society for generations. She’s passionate about ensuring that this work adapt, evolve, and continue to improve the lives of people everywhere.

Public Media Marketing Project Experience

  • Led Donate a Car campaign development and execution, creating one of the best performing programs in the system.
  • Created a 40% increase in Sponsorship page views with LinkedIn advertising, and 22% increase in CTR. 17% increase in Sponsorship e-newsletter signups in one quarter following design and launch.
  • Drove a 160% increase in web traffic from weekly TV e-newsletter, with focus on cross-marketing podcasts. 18% increase in landing page views for streaming service sign-ups with PBS Passport.
  • Directed/Produced online public engagement events leveraging tent pole PBS content to acquire hundreds of leads and raise community awareness.
  • Designed detailed digital advertising campaign flight planners and editorial calendars serving 5 departments.

Let's Talk About Your Needs

Stations never seem to have all the marketing resources they need. We understand, and we’d love to be a resource you can rely on for excellent marketing help. Because we know the system so well, your oversight and project management time is minimal when you work with us.

Some areas where we can help include:

  • Campaign strategy
  • SEO and Content Marketing
  • Managing Google Ad Grant Campaigns & Paid Campaigns
  • email messaging/eNewsletter assistance
  • Special program promotions
  • Social Media management