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Social Media Management

Focused on results.

Social media is a powerful internet marketing tool you can’t afford to ignore, and you’ll learn to love. It’s new territory for many business owners, who wonder:

  • Which is better for my business, LinkedIn or Facebook?
  • Does my customer base really use Twitter?
  • What should we write, and where do we post it?
  • How often should we tweet, write a blog post, or advertise on Facebook?
  • Do professionals like doctors and lawyers use social media?

We give you the answers you need to manage your social media presence effectively.

Social Media Strategy for your Business

Your social media marketing strategy is an extension of your existing marketing and branding. We identify the social media outlets that make sense for your business. Then we give you a practical strategy that promotes your business using the right mix of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, industry groups and forums, influential blogs, and so on. What to post, where to post, how posts can be optimized for SEO, and how to promote your posts  – your strategic plan covers it all.

Certified Internet Marketing Professionals

digital marketing consultant certifications

SmartSite’s Social Media management services include:

  • Establishing your presence on the most effective platforms for your business and industry
  • Managing your outbound posts, to establish you as an expert in your field
  • Properly responding to inbound communications, to manage your reputation carefully
  • Advising you on advertising options and creating PPC ads (Pay-Per-Click Advertisements) to deliver qualified prospects

Profile Creation and Management

Don’t miss the opportunity to brand your company by leaving profiles incomplete or even blank! Creating a meaningful profile for your company and your individual staff members is important. Engaging profiles include professional photos and graphics, SEO optimized content, and appropriate messaging. SmartSite helps you create and develop them all.