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Optimize your Presence Online

Just putting up a website won’t get you traffic, or necessarily generate leads. Even if the website was built for organic search engine optimization, it still needs promotion. And with website presence merging with social media and even online reviews, you have to keep on top of many venues where potential customers may find your business.

Website Optimization

If you already have a website, but want it to do more for you, you need Web Presence Optimization. Beginning with clearly defining your most effective messages, we help you develop a strategy that gets more of the right visitors to your website – or LinkedIn page, or Facebook page; anywhere you want them to go.

What does Web Presence Optimization Mean?

  • Messaging is most important because the right messaging and design will encourage visitors to convert into customers. To extend that messaging, there are many options and content marketing opportunities.
  • Structure of your website is also critical. Restructuring or redesign may be in order for better search engine optimization – especially if your website includes Flash programming. Having a mobile site is also critical.
  • Content is king. Creating lots of valuable and engaging fresh content written by an SEO copywriter can give your traffic a boost in the right direction. Blogging is an option, especially when guided by an expert who makes sure you are staying on-message.
  • Social Media also figures into SEO. Posting the right information across social media outlets like LinkedIn and Facebook may also be the right tool for you.
  • Reviews must be monitored. Reputation management is very important. Having a plan to request reviews from happy customers is key. Negative reviews absolutely must be addressed, too.

Your Web Presence Optimization plan will be created to maximize your budget and achieve your marketing goals. We help with every step, from SEO optimized content to social media management.

Certified Internet Marketing Professionals

We’re certified in Value Proposition development to boost engagement, as well as in Google AdWords. We understand the intricacies of SEO. We’re also certified in Landing Page Optimization. So we know how to get people to act on the information they find online.