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Creative, Practical Internet Marketing Advice

We bring a strong sense of curiosity to our work, and creative ideas are always naturally flowing. Helping companies connect people to great services and  products is what makes us tick. While we’re known for creativity, that doesn’t mean we’re impractical. Far from it. We offer strategic thinking, great new marketing ideas, and productive solutions to build your business.


Leslie has been helping clients solve their marketing challenges for over two decades. With a strong SEO copywriting background, she has a knack for putting herself in a reader’s frame of mind when developing communications materials – websites, social media posts, blog articles, and even old-fashioned print materials.

Leslie’s father wisely counseled her that if you do what you love, work feels like play. Now, she loves to work with the written word and meld it with great design for clients. Or is that really playing?

In-House Corporate Marketing Experience

Leslie has provided both national and international marketing communications services, and served as Marketing Manager for Arthur Andersen’s Derivatives and Treasury Risk Management consulting group (clients in energy, manufacturing, and financial services industries).

Prior to joining Arthur Andersen, Leslie directed North American marketing initiatives for a UK-based financial consultancy specializing in credit risk assessment for commodities trading and international shipping firms. Leslie was instrumental in increasing the firm’s volume of sales and product mix to existing customers, in some cases by more than 50%. She helped the firm expand consulting business significantly in the international oil trading industry by conceiving of and launching a unique seminar program on credit risk in derivatives trading.

Now Leslie brings mid-sized and smaller companies her marketing experience, with a focus on digital marketing venues, search engine-friendly copywriting, and user-friendly website design.

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