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Develop a Strategic Editorial Calendar

A strategic Editorial Calendar can serve as a dynamic marketing guide for your business. SmartSite considers your marketing strategy as a whole, then drives that strategy across an Editorial Calendar for fresh website content, blog posts and social media promotions.

Driven by Overall Marketing Strategy

Even though our Editorial Calendars focus on your online e-marketing, we consider all marketing initiatives on your agenda – catalog mailings, direct mail promotions, etc. We coordinate the e-marketing calendar with these other marketing efforts so each can support the other.

We share the living document online with clients, incorporating email alerts and pop-up calendar reminders that keep the Editorial Calendar’s momentum and assure accountability for reaching content development goals.

Identifying Important Content Triggers

We include important holidays, business anniversaries, and seasonal themes relevant to your business. These “content triggers” help us uncover any themes we might want to leverage in blog postssocial media updates, or new website landing pages.

Targeting Crucial Keywords

You want your content to be discovered and to intrigue your audience – otherwise, why bother putting it out there?

We help you make every piece of content more strategically conceived. We identify the  keywords or keyword phrases your audience searches to find your business. We consider where your business is doing well in organic search results, and where gaps that need to be filled. This information directs the Editorial Calendar’s focus.

Covering All Business Verticals

We lend an independent viewpoint to the development of your Editorial Calendar. It’s easier for us to identify whether your efforts are covering all areas of your business you need to promote than it is for you, as the business owner.

We create a comprehensive Editorial Calendar designed to drive business right to where you need it. Sounds simple, but it’s hard to do without a good plan in place!

Making Content Development Easier

Putting an Editorial Calendar on paper won’t make it happen. SmartSite creates dynamic Editorial Calendars and shares them online with you.  You get a professional marketer helping to create and promote your company’s content.