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Get a Jumpstart on SEO Content Marketing

Gear background with SEO Content Marketing Program components

Three-Month SEO Content Marketing Jumpstart Program

Our Jumpstart Program sets you to propel your presence online. This 3-month SEO Content Strategy package:

  • explains your Analytics, SEO baseline, and competitive stance online with an initial report
  • identifies the most practical strategies to improve your online results – immediately, near-term, and long-term
  • delivers a data-driven plan for much better content marketing moving forward

Monthly coaching sessions teach you about SEO while you improve your content marketing strategy –  because SEO is part science and part art, but not internet magic.

If you’ve had SEO consultants who charged you monthly but never disclosed what they were actually doing, you’ll love SmartSite’s approach!


Get your Web Presence in Gear!

Get an SEO Audit & Competitive Positioning Report

We’ll rank your site against your top 3 competitors. Discover how your business compares online, and where the competition is vulnerable. Sometimes we discover your competition isn’t who you think it is! We’ll uncover ways to  improve your visibility for your best prospects.

Understand How Visitors Engage with Your Website

We’ll help you understand how users are moving through your site now, and what content is attracting them. 

  • What prompted them to visit?
  • Where did they go after they landed?
  • How can you improve their User Journeys so they convert to customers?


Refine Your Unique Value Proposition & Messaging

Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) should drive the messaging across your site, and direct the targeting of your SEO work. 

We’ll show you how your top competitors define their UVPs online. 

Then we’ll help you really pin down and express how your business is uniquely qualified to serve clients.

Understand Your Best Content Opportunities

We’ll give you a better understanding of the content that’s attracting site visitors.

  • Where are they coming from?
  • Are they landing where you think they are?
  • Are prospects digging into your site, or ditching you?

Analytics data will surface the answers, and guide strategic recommendations.

Get a Roadmap for Ongoing Content Marketing

Our Jumpstart Program sets you up for strategic content marketing. 

  • Get a calendar with the topics and keyword phrases to target.
  • Identify Pillar Content, Supporting Content, and Content Promotion strategies to increase your company’s visibility online.
  • Get a guide for on-page SEO formatting, so your content is most discoverable online.

Build Knowledge & Confidence with Monthly Coaching

Each month, we’ll have two hour-long meetings to review your digital marketing progress.

  • We’ll answer your questions transparently. Ask us anything!
  • We’ll give you honest and practical advice. We’re looking for a lasting relationship, based in trust.
  • We’ll always have your best interest at the forefront. For us, there’s no other way.