Just Launched: Redesigned Green Biz Website

As of this morning, www.Greencycle.net is out in cyberspace and working hard to push this green business’ search engine rankings upward!GreenCycle in Connecticut, website launch by C3 Marketing

GreenCycle, with locations in both Connecticut and Indiana, produces natural landscaping products from recycled organic material. Their website is designed for performance, with search engine friendly architecture, keyword rich content, smart image tags, and more. We also incorporated social media, a new inbound marketing tool for GreenCycle. Launching a Facebook page for the company and adding a blog, called “The comPOST” (check it out for some great organic gardening tips!), GreenCycle now has effective ways to draw traffic and qualified leads to its website. The site was built in WordPress, giving Greencycle a robust content management system they can use in-house to keep their content fresh and their marketing efforts current. Check out www.greencycle.net, get some great ideas for your springtime garden, and maybe even choose the delivery option for your seasonal mulch needs! They’re a local business that really knows what it means to be “green.”